Art Career Talk: 3 Mental Hurdles (to overcome)

I'm still learning this talking to camera thing so I was a bit nervous and stumble around a bit but I have faith that I will improve my delivery so bare with me!! :) Please leave a comment with your thoughts below! When you are pursing the career of a professional creative/artist, one of your biggest enemies in the process is your own brain. Filled with negative ideas which are birthed from family and/or societal pressures, the inner critic and lazy procrastinator is determined to put success as far away from you as possible.

The truth is if you can trick your brain to avoid falling into these hurdles and instead sprint and jump right over them, it becomes easier over time. Changing your perspective is the first step and in this video I offer a different way of looking at 3 mental hurdles we encounter as artists.

1. Waiting for your skills to be 'good enough' before making work and putting it out there.

2. Worrying about if people will like your art to the point where you change your vision so much that you don't enjoy doing art.

3. Making excuses as to why you aren't working towards your goal.